Events at Galaxy Roller Rink

Host an Out of This World Event at Galaxy Roller Rink

Making an event a celebration, or a mere “get together” a true party is no easy task. But you too can send birthday parties, corporate parties and other events into another universe of excitement by hosting it at Galaxy Roller Rink on Bridge Street in Groton, Connecticut.

Roller skating is an aerobic and fun way to celebrate with friends, family and coworkers. Galaxy Roller Rink is a family-owned establishment that’s home to a giant 166 x 76.5-foot oval rink and three “glow rooms,” which feature on-going light shows and live music.

Galaxy is a smoke, drug and alcohol free environment where patrons of all ages can have fun. Numerous Groton area corporations have utilized Galaxy as an alternative to hum-drum team building conferences held in more formal settings, and find that roller skating can be a great way to bring their staff closer together.

Organizations hosting corporate parties can encourage their staff to bring their roller skates, roller blades or speed quads or choose the option of renting a pair from Galaxy’s on-site pro shop. Galaxy’s skate shop offers sales of the latest roller skate and roller blade models, tune up’s to old skates, replacement parts and custom products such as sure-grip and backspin wheels.

Birthday parties can be held with Galaxy’s numerous age-appropriate game, contest and activity options. They include tokens for our arcade games, t-shirts, paper goods, birthday hats, fountain beverages, pizzas and private glow room access. The on-site snack bar and vending machines also offer a variety of dining options.

Galaxy’s friendly and expertly trained staff are dedicated to helping their customers coordinate, execute and enjoy any kind of event that fits their needs.

Galaxy Roller Rink is located on Bridge Street in the heart of downtown, and has ample parking available.

Birthday Parties at Galaxy

When it comes to planning birthday parties, many people find the task daunting, not to mention expensive. Birthday parties at Galaxy Roller Rink are a smart choice because they help you make the most of your special day.

Roller skating parties are fun for all age groups. Galaxy offers special packages that can amuse children or teens. Having an activity based party means the host does not have to worry about constantly creating new entertainment for guests—the entertainment is built in. Even better, Galaxy birthday party packages include a host, who will keep the party going with fun and age-appropriate song selections as well as a variety of skating activities for all ability levels. The Galaxy offers specialized birthday packages for children and teens and a special opportunity for a two-hour private birthday party, which would fit any age group. Options like this are some of the only party opportunities in the Groton, CT area that serve parties with wide age varieties.

Perhaps, the most attractive aspect to the birthday parties offered at Galaxy Roller Rink is the well-priced range of birthday packages available. Galaxy allows parents to choose the extent to which they would like their party to be preplanned by the Galaxy staff, beginning with simple group rates on skates and use of a table and ranging all the way to fully planned bashes with private room and food provided.

If parents are looking to go the extra mile the Galaxy website also offers special add-ons like ice cream cake, goody bags, or even fruit platters. By choosing a total birthday party package, such as the extremely popular “GLOW! Package”, parents can avoid the sometimes overwhelming expenses that go along with children’s birthday parties. The prices given for Galaxy party packages are all inclusive so that no added costs will sneak up on parents, and any parent who has thrown their own birthday knows that party budgets can easily double with one trip to a party supply store.

The affordable and transparent party costs at Galaxy Roller Rink mean that parents can relax and enjoy the day and maybe even put on a pair of skates, because not only is the big day affordable, it is entirely taken care of the professional staff at Galaxy, so there is no need to stress over details. Parents can even sign up for a party online and check out all the party options offered by Galaxy at

Roller Skating for Exercise

Roller skating and roller blading are excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is any physical activity that raises the heart rate and keeps it elevated for the duration of the exercise. Cardiovascular – or aerobic – exercises benefit the heart and lungs, burn calories and promote fat-loss. A minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, performed three times a week, is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Besides the caloric expenditure, skating and blading also tone the lower body. The pushing-off, maneuvering and stopping actions give the leg muscles a major workout. The abdominal muscles are also strengthened because they are used to maintain balance and to support the skating motion. Exercising with skates is useful for promoting fitness in a relatively short time.

Roller skating and roller blading are much kinder to the knees and other joints than running because jarring impacts are not a constant part of the sport. Yes, special moves may be undertaken that create impact, but they are not necessary for the enjoyment of the sport.

Roller skating and roller blading can play an important role in physical fitness for adults. It is also a terrific way to encourage children to get involved in aerobic exercise. Skating and inline skating are such a great source of fun that children do not even consider them exercise. Children are more inclined to commit to activities that they enjoy, rather than exercises that feel forced.

There are many different brands of roller skates and roller blades, and they are available in a number of price ranges. Nevertheless, as with any sport, it is important to purchase quality gear: Gear that is both durable and comfortable. In addition, children – especially smaller ones – should wear helmets to protect their heads if they fall.

Families can undertake either of the two forms of skating together, improving their health, teaching children healthy habits and creating warm and wonderful memories. Now that school is out for the summer, there is no better time to reach for the roller skates or roller blades and hit Galaxy Roller Rink in Groton CT! Make it the fittest summer yet – and the most fun!